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High Performance Microcontrollers 32-bit MCU / System Frequency up to 100MHz
Flash up to 1MB / RAM up to 64K
12-bit fast ADC / 12-bit DAC / IRC accuracy +/-1%
CAN / LIN / SPI / I2C / Ethernet / Timers / RTC
Wide operating range 2.5V-5.5V / Low power consumption
LQFP 144 / Technology 90nm
RC generators Low-frequency and high-frequency RC generators Types with/without external components
High accuracy up to 0.5%
Ultra low-power less than 3uA
Quick start ~ 10us
Duty cycle 50%
Voltage regulators Series of the IPs and ICs linear regulator with input voltage range up to 18V
Output voltage ADJ/FIX 1.8/2.5/3.0/3.3/4.096/5V
Output current 150m/250m/500m/1000mA
Low dropout voltage 50mV@100mA
Temperature and Short-circuit protection
Current limit function

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