About company

is R&D design center of the analog and mixed-signal IPs and ICs and especially focusing on the following areas:

  • Precision voltage and current sources with low temperature coefficient
  • Voltage regulators and power system control with functions like temperature monitoring, current limit, short circuit protection and so on
  • High-precision low- and high- frequency generators with low power consumption
  • Low phase noise phase lock loop and delay lock loop
  • High-speed interfaces and data systems.

These solutions are proven in microelectronic applications such as mainstream IC, ASIC and SoC

  • High performance microcontrollers
  • Smart Cards
  • Automotive industry
  • Health & Care

About company

ARP-Microsystems is searching for new opportunities to use additional and special features in the software, architecture and circuit solutions to stay competitive on the market and to offer its customers a wide set of options and capabilities.

ARP-Microsystems is constantly moving forward and developing partnerships with new international companies in the technology and software sector as well as in design.

ARP-Microsystems adopt flexible business approach for each business-case to the benefits of its clients that enables client to balance risk and cost structure optimally for its industry and business situation.

ARP-Microsystems permanently cooperates with leading Russian universities, training centers and companies in the field of microelectronics in order to achieve the best results in the development.

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